Beyond the Spreadsheet

Have you ever navigated, lost, between 20 Excel spreadsheets, linked together, with obscure macros created by an employee who left the company several years ago?

Do you know that feeling, a mixture of panic-fear and deep annoyance when the trainee shifted a column by 3 cells, thus demolishing the entire structure of the data in your beautiful spreadsheets? Do you remember the last time you looked for information in your spreadsheets, information you had to calculate, without knowing how or where to look? Perhaps you’ve also experienced the weariness and pain of having to generate new figures for Powerpoint or reports, cursing this damn spreadsheet that doesn’t do what you want. Perhaps you even remember the day Steve from Accounting moved a file on the server, breaking the entire data chain, and taking all your beautiful dashboards out of service until the problem was identified and solved….

You probably made a face like that, torn between panic and resignation:

Femme interrogative devant son ordinateur

Face of an emerging crisis due to poor data management policy


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