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Tailor-made Big Data

In the era of industry 4.0 and data-driven strategies, how can you ensure to make the best decisions for your company?
At DataTailors’, we provide a personalized and comprehensive support for your company. According to your needs, we help you to map out your
data strategy. We create models and algorithms fitting your challenges and we present the results in a user-friendly way that one can understand even without being a data specialist. We create an easy-to-use tailor-made software with the models we specifically designed for you.


What data analyses for your company?
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Our services

  • Data strategy
  • Data acquisition
  • Modeling
  • Reports
  • Software

We discuss with you in order to understand your needs, based on which we define together your data strategy.

If needed, we help you for the acquisition of missing data.
If we do not work on a cloud, your data are stored on our secured servers based in Switzerland.

We analyze your data with models and algorithms specifically crafted to suit your needs. Our models can be analytical or predictive, using artificial intelligence (machine learning) tools.

The results are presented in a simple and user-friendly way. Do not struggle anymore with your reports, we are here to make your life easier.

Benefit from an easy-to-use software specifically designed for you. Unlike usual BI softwares, the DataTailors softwares are customized and include the models that were built for your analyses.





The data analyses we deliver

The data analyses that can be useful for your company vary depending on your industry sector and your needs. We present here a non-comprehensive list of data analyses we offer.

Subscription services, insurance companies, banks, etc.
Amongst your profitable customers, which ones are more likely to leave your company? The churn analysis, based on artificial intelligence predictive models, allows for optimal targetted campaigns to retain these customers.

Example of churn analysis

To connect data analytics with their knowledge of the customers and the market is the key to success for an efficient sales and marketing department.
We use powerful machine learning models to forecast the future sales of your company.

Example of sales forecast

In a production environment, it is important to be able to detect anomalies, but also to forecast which machines will be defective soon, in order to optimize preventive maintenance.
We create personalized deep learning for each production environment.

Example of prediction of anomalies coming soon

E-commerce and others.
The analysis of customer characteristics from an e-commerce website allows for better targetted marketing campaigns.

Example of customer segmentation

Do not hesitate to contact us for informations about the most relevant analyses we can perform for your company.